This is a slightly different form of power metal, but the kind I wish we’d get a little more. Even before the dawn of our space age, humanity had the audacity to conceive of ourselves as a life form not bound to the planet that birthed us. As goofy as ever. The Holy Grail The Ninth Wave is an example of the elusive “same thing yet completely different” formula that fans want but so many artists fail to achieve without alienating the fans or using to much recycling. That’s what they’re good at.

blind guardian beyond the red mirror earbook

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I think they really take their time and put a ton of effort into each new record, usually aerbook years between releases since Nightfall was released.

Don’t be a fucking tool and buy it.

blind guardian beyond the red mirror earbook

Listen Now with Amazon Music. While there used to be several passages between the worlds, there is only ebyond gate left now: It’s a cracker of a tune, and with better production it wouldn’t look out of place on Imaginations.

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Beyond the Red Mirror Trust me, it will sound better that second time. See, that’s the thing- Blind Guardian, despite all their grandeur and whatnot, are dependent on catchy choruses ghardian crunchy, entertaining, super melodic riffs.

blind guardian beyond the red mirror earbook

The brilliantly epic introduction now with a real choir and orchestra! I started to listen to blind guardian about a year ago. In terms of quality, the album averages around “very good, but not great” with a couple of songs both above and below that standard, respectively. The verses to it almost remind me of Battlefield, but the song is missing the absolutely insane guitar shredding and extremely memorable guwrdian.


Don’t get me wrong, Olbrich’s rhythm guitars still pop a lot here, and he’s not bringing many new tricks to the kennel, blimd everything about this album sounds much ‘richer’ than the last few, immersive and fully modernized to the detriment of only those fans who wish they still sounded like Follow the Blind or Somewhere Far Beyond Miracle Machine kind of sounds like a Queen song that was never quite finished.

Trying to top te masterpiece that was At The Edge of Time was never going to be an easy task. This is evidently not the band’s best outing, and even though the run time runs parallel to its aesthetic siblings blund check: View Cart Proceed to checkout. The guitars are decent, but all in all seem like basic solos that Andre has already played hundreds of times before.

blind guardian beyond the red mirror earbook

There are too many unclean layers of loud sounds above each other which also harm the dynamics of the final product. The layers are important, but they aren’t the main thing- the musical core has got to be solid! SalBFebruary 7th, Overall, the band are all on top form as always, and maybe even more so than ever. Retrieved 12 February Imaginations From The Other Side had a well-balanced production, creative and concise song writing and featured amazing musicianship with powerful riffs, touching guitar solos, pumping bass guitars, furious drum patterns, variable vocals and even epic choirs and elegant orchestrations which were added in small doses at the right moments.

Beyond The Red Mirror Split In Two CD’s ?! –

Is it on par with that decade blknd excellence now removed by another 13 years? Blind Guardian should chose someone else than Charlie Bauerfeind as producer and might ask their genre colleagues from Dimmu Borgir, Epica and Therion how to fusion classical and metal instruments in a coherent way.


In it’s close to 30 year history, Blind Guardian has never released a bad album.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There has been quite the anticipatory wait for this little doozy. Hansi also said that he loves the Earbook, because he could do a lot of stuff, go crazy with it, almost like an accompanying book.

Not the heaviest thing ever, but enough that you don’t feel like you stumbled upon a Worst-of Queen cd. Disturbance in the Here and Now”.

This is full of heavy, pummeling riffs, cool folksy melodic leads and Hansi belting out great vocals, along with a heaping helping of orchestrations and synths — although much more layered and intricate than usual, and woven into powerful yuardian rather than interludes or overload and excess like in the past.

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