Note that it seems that recent versions of Skype have a file format which is different enough for this tool to be unable to recover messages. I couldn’t stop thinking about that removed message. Posted by Konstantin Conclusion Get a copy of main. Try the skype-chatsync-viewer tool from this package.

chatsync skype

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Import into Excel and search for your favorite keyword. Also that person send me 2 messages while I was offline, the one which wasn’t deleted is also absent in skype chatsync file viewer So my question is this: Artifact Windows Search Application Data Parser This script parses data maintained by the Windows search function relating to recently-used applications and documents.

Newer Post Older Post Home. You can also install SQLite for windows. Most people are aware of the SQLite databases that Skype uses and the information they contain. Additional data is presumably stored in these files related to the conversation. As I said, I really wish I could be able to help, but I am not familiar enough with how Skype works and what might change in the newer versions.


I am using Skype 4. When I select the chatsync subdirectory the program gives me the following error: Skype stores all its chat messages in two locations; the main.

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In order pave the wheels of communication, Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP started getting used to fulfill it seamlessly. Unfortunately, there is no way I could debug the problem without access to your chatsync folder.

Here is a version compiled using 32bit Python. Perhaps it will work.

chatsync skype

Unfortunately, I do not know. I presume those might also be somewhere in one of the data files in the chatsync folder.

chatsync skype

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And it also takes the Chat ID and cuts the log up based on slype into multiple files, so the chats don’t end up mixing together. Also, let me know if you found a tool to read from the unallocated memory of that pesky Skype main. You still able to see your chat history.

Skype Forensics — Extracting Evidence

Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: But this is not necessarily the only possible explanation. Note that this is not a duplicate of How to export Skype history? Email Required, but never shown. Like right about today 4 hours ago, someone sent me a message and deleted it afterwards. Krishna Deepak on It only takes a minute to sign up.



How can I read Skype log files (chatsync)? – Super User

SkypeLogView This application will provide a handy list of all messages in and out of the account. On a forensic perspective, it can give us a lot of information which can be used as an essential evidence. This is far beyond the scope of this blog entry. It could be due to some changes Skype made to the file formats in the later versions or some specifics of your conversations the code does not take into account. I was offline at that time. Thanks Konstantin for this app.

chatsync skype