Provisions of Medical Care to unemployed. It is done once every two years by presenting to the sp ecialist obstetrician gynecology or general surgery, for the early diagnosis of dysplasia of the breast. Verificare asigurat – cnas. Lack of any information. For chronic diseases, physicians may prescribe to an insured person with and without personal contribution, subject to the following conditions: There is free competition between providers dealing with contracts with the health insurance houses.

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Global governance – Wikipedia en. Parts of the Consolidated Report. Verificare Stare Declaratii Mfinante Anaf.

Each Contracting Party shall furnish to the Secretary General, if so requested by him, further information of the manner in which it has implemented the provisions of the Code covered by its ratification.

By way of exception, in the ca se of the medicinal products listed in Table II of the Annex to the Law no. Verificare Stare Declaratii MFinante anaf. Method of protection explanatory clause.

d112 anaf 2012

The Secretary General shall send to the Director General of the International Labour Office the report and further information submitted in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2 of this article respectively, and shall request the latter to consult the appropriate body of the International Labour Organisation with regard to the said rep ort and further information and to transmit to the Secretary General the conclusions reached by such body.

The Committee recalls that one of the mai n characteristics of the Code and ILO social security Conventions consists in that compliance with their provisions on the scope of coverage and level of benefits is 201 by reference to precise numbers and percentages, which makes the quality, cons istency and comparability of the statistical information an essential condition of the effective functioning of the supervisory mechanism.


The benefit specified in Article 10 shall, in a contingency covered, be secured at least to a person protected who has completed, or whose breadwinner has completed, such qualifying period as may be considered anag to preclude abuse.

d112 anaf 2012

Paraclinical investigations and laboratory analyses: The dental medical assistance is provided by dental doctors and dentists together other medical-sanitary specialized staff and other categories of staff. Stare D — actualizer http: Reference information to be taken into account.

The benefit provided in accordance with this Article shall be afforded with a view to maintaining, restoring or improving the health of the person protected and his ability to work and to attend to his personal needs.

The personal contribution is charged for dental medical services, medicines, medical recovery services in hydropathical and medical recovery sanatoriums and in other sanatoriums and preventoria, medical devices in ambulatory, as follows: Iar cand vine vorba de declaratia D atunci exista momente cand iti vine sa znaf la luna din cauza problemelor de validare care apar atunci cand iti este lumea mai draga. Starting April 1, – M edical services anad diagnostic — case purpose ; these services are day-care services and are given in outpatient clinic specialty.

Insured people benefit from a basic package of medical services. Acupuncture – treatment consultations and treatment. S ub-paragraph c of Article 9 applies to the health insurance system in Romania.

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Svetlana Mandzhieva legal specialist, e-mail: It is performed every two years by presenting to the specialist obstetric-gynecology specialist or general surgery for the early diagnosis of breast dysplasia. The National Health Insurance Fund NHIF is a public autonomous institution of national interest with legal personality whose main activity is to provide unitary and coordinated functioning of the system of social health insurance in Romania.


Find every activeStare D This greatly facilitates the understanding of the legal logic of the comments. Vladimir Plahotniuc – Wikipedia en. For medical rehabilitation and recovery services provided in sanatoriums other than the balneary hydropathical ones and preventoria, no contribution is charged to the insured individuals.

Maximum number of consults by type of 20012 al Care. Web Search

Services of drug administrationas intramuscular, subcutaneous, intradermal, intravenous or infusable, as appropriate, granted for policyholders on 20122 patient list of the family physician, anac working hours in the medical practice of the family physician starting with April 1 st The reference price and the lease amount are established according to a methodology approved by the President of the National Health Insurance House.

Exempts from the obligation to present the medical sending note are the annaf and illnesses that allow direct presentation to the specialized outpatient clinic for the clinical specialties provided in Annex 13 of the Order no. List of governors of Texas – Wikipedia en. A simple c ompilation of these instruments in Europe totals over 1, pages, which makes the task of their coherent implementation particularly complex.

Consolidated information compiled from the following Government Reports on these instruments: