I went to the car and was very happy to see that i had perfect communication and the Galletto clone worked flawlessly. I restarted the computer and connected the galletto to the computer and immediately i was asked for the drivers. Bosch, Siemens, Delphi Mechanical working Mechanical. Tried this on 2 vehicles and same. No problem with Bosnia. Opening port impossible” This is normal when unconnected?

eobd2 galletto 1250

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Vehicles Theft Figures Sweden Sourse: Here the link for Galetto sw: This is just a Clone tool, to read Sirius32 you need a better galetto, or just remove the 29F Flash and read with a programmer. I dont think so So i decided to make my own schematics and all works, but K and L independent.

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How you know that are good maps? Hi, I would like to ask.

eobd2 galletto 1250

Tried on win 7 32bit,but nothing. New features of software bundle 9. Wait for a message.

In change for what would u share your shematic with us? They sell Mpps Genuine Amt Cartech I will now set up a second clean XP on the notebook and use the drivers delivered with the galletto software. The question is wich driver i have to use?


eobd2 galletto 1250

Dimsport Srl si riserva il More information. Mercedes List of supported car. If you haven’t any problem with car, then all is ok.

Driver s Manual 1. There is a way to test it withou a car? We have cheapdiscount obd2, auto diagnostic tool for sale and more to meet your needs. They sell interface for a lot of money and this is the first interface i see at lower price Pour les voitures sans.

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I have had it for years but never managed to get it to work! Chip Tuning Tool Version: They are suitable More information. I got a replacement and it is the same.

eobd2 galletto 1250

When the times comes to write i will see what happens. SI and SI is the best for that, plus transistors for line L. I read this whole topic have to make a change for this model to work But I did not understand how to do it and how to edit the ept file And how would the boot for sirius 32 Could someone help me please?


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FGTech Galletto 4-Master this new system developed with high-speed USB2 technology is the fastest and most secure product on the market, it is easy to install and use by anyone. I saw eond2 another website, that they connect the Galletto to the vehicle, then to the laptop computer and then windows asks for the drivers. I will need to see if the galletto reads as configured.

I attached the file. Then bring up the eobd properties and update driver through this choosing to manually select the file to update from I have also tried that and still the same error. Look i put for you a screendump.