Genetec’s Security Center offers one of the most tightly integrated security management packages in the industry. The electrician runs conduit with an electrical or PoE Power over Ethernet connection to the housing or the backplate of the camera; the installer then installs the camera at that location, hooking it up to power; and then a configurator adds cameras to the network and makes adjustments — renaming the camera, setting the frame rate, enabling WDR Wide Dynamic Range , and the like. Articles on cameras, video analytics, VMS, and trends Tests showing actual performance and problems Courses in surveillance, access control, etc Camera Calculator for designing systems Dedicated To Independence We’re dedicated to staying independent and objective. The VMS configurator can then come and add the cameras to the network and program their functionality. With at-rest and in-transit encryption, managed certificates, authenticated connectivity and automated anonymization of video streams, you can ensure privacy without sacrificing security.

genetec omnicast live viewer

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During our tests, we consistently received errors when attempting to download the file.

Omnicast and Security Center & Agent Vi Video Analytics Solutions Integration | Genetec

We’re dedicated to staying independent and objective. When campuses are expanding or developing additional infrastructure, they can plan new crosswalks, omnicsst lights, roads, buildings and entrances and exits based on comprehensive video intelligence.

Pricing and Recommendations Pricing is the same whether users choose to use Omnicast or Security Center for video. They are robust, durable, and cyber-safe.

Ensure full protection of your video, data, and communications. Tampa International Airport TPA chooses Omnicast video surveillance to enhance passenger safety from landside to airside while ensuring long-term investment protection. Under a single Directory, the administrator simply provides viewe to access any combination of sites.

On the other hand, it’s absurd and somewhat scary that Genetec has trademarked a real IT term see federated databases and not simply a marketing creation. In this note, we compare the two so you can understand the tradeoffs involved. Furthermore, in cities where law enforcement can work productively and quickly, time and human resources can be reallocated to fostering growth and building community.


The NOHSEP team has also shared video feeds with other city departments such as the Sewage and Water Board, so they can determine the rate at which an intersection floods.

Omnicast: Next-generation IP video surveillance system | Genetec

Federation TM allows integration between multiple Genetec systems that are independently maintained. Available when you need it most Experience uninterrupted access to live and recorded video at all times, even if you lose connectivity to your server.

Show attendees had the opportunity to climb aboard Genetec’s AutoVu Demonstration Vehicle to experience the state-of-the-art in mobile license plate recognition technology, while driving around the streets of Philadelphia. The newest version of Security Center introduces a host of new features designed to further enhance security events and video monitoring, simplify the system’s operation, streamline upgrades and maintenance activities, and help users easily monitor the health of their entire security platform.

Lasers Impact on Surveillance Cameras Tested on Sep 25, Hong Kong protests have brought global attention to video surveillance and the ongoing attempts of protesters to disable or undermine those cameras Read more about Omnicast on our resource hub. However, a handful of features remain Omnicast-only: While Omnicast offers many unique or rare advantages, you may find them unnecessary and the complexities in administrating quite challenging.

The downside is that it’s more difficult to understand and configure than a single application. Beyond accelerating gnetec evidence review and extraction, police can leverage video analysis to configure sophisticated real-time alerts when people, vehicles or behaviours of interest are detected in video. And with over 40 models of Axis cameras available at launch, Stratocast allows customers to choose the most appropriate camera for the unique needs of their security installation.


Genetec works exclusively with hardware and software partners who meet the high quality standards for cyber security and data protection. Instead of manual video review and live surveillance — which is prone to human error and distraction — police can harness video content analysis to accelerate video investigations, enhance situational awareness, streamline real-time response, identify liv individuals and recognise patterns and anomalies in video. Live monitoring views of access control and video may be opened in one tab, archive searches in another, reports or other tasks in another.

Working smarter with video

Assuming the account has proper viewing rights, live video can be loaded into the viewing area within the Live Viewer client application. Empower your operatorsOperators can intuitively generate reports, monitor remote and local cameras, and track cardholders and assets with the single click of a mouse button on a workstation, from a touch screen, or even a mobile device. It proves viewfr again that the decentralised intelligence of our camera systems makes MOBOTIX one of the most important players on the global market.

genetec omnicast live viewer

Editions Extend your capabilities under a single platform The Omnicast IP fiewer surveillance system is available in four different packages: The city library runs a Genetec Omnicast system, purchased and maintained independently. Ethan Ace, Published on Aug 29, Consolidate real-time monitoring, alarm management, reporting, and playback of events across all your security systems, from one interface.

genetec omnicast live viewer

From self-driving cars to intelligent analytics, livd far-reaching impacts of Deep Learning-based technology empower human operators to achieve results more effectively while investing fewer resources and less time.

Download the Genetec Security Center brochure.