SYS Mon Jul 13 Who knows, you may end up resolving the issue from doing so. I was asked by the engineer that there was some PCB problem in laptop and now 1 month 10 days my problem is not short out. Then take a good stick one without errors and test it in each slot. One time there were problem in my leaptop.

hcl leaptop u39 ctd drivers

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Looked wacko and spooky!.

hcl leaptop u39 ctd drivers

Im using windows 7 ultimate x86 it is an OEM version hardware is about 3 years old other info: I ran chkdsk and results were normal. Tue Jun 12 Please uninstall the program, then use the following free tool to ensure that the troublesome sptd.

In addition to what GavinZach has suggested you might want to run Malwarebytes just to be sureremove sptd. For the last three-four days, he is not lifting the phone. I have HCL Leaptop also. SYS Wed Sep 13 Memory address errors show up in red on the lower half of the screen. Only if what DV catches is definitely the buggy driver will a minidump help us, otherwise we’ll need the big fella. SYS Mon Jul 13 Chkdsk tests the file system on the hard drive – NOT the hard drive itself.


SYS Thu Mar 24 Now what the hell is that. I tok the lappy. Then i was about to install softwares on it, again the cursor wokred d same. Please communicate the information as early as possible.

Hcl Leaptop U39 Ctd Drivers Download

Please ensure that you have all Windows Updates. Since you’re inundated with recommendations from others, I won’t give my own diagnosis simply because right now nothing looks definitive.

Finally, a failing hard drive can cause problems like this not being able to run tests also. If I am correct Joined Jun 12, Posts 2.

BSOD STOP 0x00000024

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It may show up that you can use all 4GB, but in actuality this is a white lie. If the above steps don’t stop the BSOD’s, please run the free diagnostics here: Most likely I blame any of the parts from the Trio of Trouble: Its a shame that the staff has such rude attitude towards customers.


Joined Apr 12, Posts Location Cymru. DEAR sir I have purchased hcl me laptop in month of may.

hcl leaptop u39 ctd drivers

I would thoroughly clean the vents My Laptop screen got damaged and I aws trying to get in touch with the service centre for three weeks now, at last I got thru today and tried to place a complain. You have 65 after SP1 – and most systems have 75 or more. Understand that you should still go with what others hlc mentioned as well. Though my lappy was already in warrenty but that guy said we give waraanty of hardware drivees software.