Surahs Juz Translations Topics 1. Juz 3 Tilkal Rusull. Surah Burooj Surah Burooj. Surah Munafiqoon Surah Munafiqoon. Surah Mursalat Surah Mursalat. I associate none with Him.

mp3 surat al isra ayat 26-27

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Surah Feel Surah Feel. This day is one of the four days that are dedicated to fasting among the whole year. Surah Maun Surah Maun. Surah Fatiha Surah Fatiha.

mp3 surat al isra ayat 26-27

And please do do the same thing to our forefathers, our descendants. Working on files slowly, once done I would be glad if you would want to replace them. After last Salam recite the following verses mpp3 tim es.

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There is no might and no power save in Allah, the Highest, the Greatest. I beseech You in the name of the Grandest Manifestation.

They took pride ksra vain talk and activities; did not practice justice in the least and took the rights of other people around them. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer Skip to footer navigation You are here: Surah Rahman Surah Rahman.


Murottal ~ Muzammil Hasballah

Surah Abasa Surah Abasa. All praise be to Allah Who has guided us to the recognition of Him.

mp3 surat al isra ayat 26-27

In the same way as suppliants have besought You, I am beseeching You. Surah Qaf Surah Qaf.

mp3 surat al isra ayat 26-27

And We reinforced you with wealth and sons and made you more numerous in manpower. Surah Tur Surah Tur. So when the [time of] promise came for the first of them, We sent against you servants of Ours – those of great military might, and they probed [even] into the homes, and it was a promise fulfilled. Surely, You are Sufficient for us! Surah Shams Surah Shams. Praise be to Allah. Uploaded by screename on January 22, Surah Imran Surah Imran.

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Laws given by Allah and the Prophet. Surah Burooj Xl Burooj. Waqa d ayn a il a banee isr a eela fee alkit a bi latufsidunna fee alar d i marratayni walataAAlunna AAuluwwan kabeer a n. The remembrance of this world has caused the hearts of such people to be negligent of the remembrance of Allah Glorified and Exalted is He and to forget their creation and their eventual end. If we accept it then ayaf must take this day seriously and there is nothing else that needs to be said to encourage anyone about this day.


Surah Layl Surah Layl. You alone revive my deterioration.

Muhammad-Younas – favorite favorite favorite – December 16, Subject: We are so busy in competing with one another to gain material pleasures ira we are completely oblivious of everything else and when the time comes that we see our grave in front of us, will we remain in this state of heedlessness!

Kufr denial of the truth. Surah Anam Surah Anam. A flowing translation of the Qur’an with an emphasis on coherence and subtleties lost in translation.