For information on hosted vs unhosted Experiment activations, see the Experiment Manager Help. Class management features allow instructors to aggregate data from students and create summary tables. To view the documentation on your system, select the documentation link from the Windows start menu if Presentation is installed, or download and install Presentation. Presentation mobile is currently available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices! This is what this course is all about.


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Views Read Edit View history. Schloss, University of California, Berkeley. Microsoft Amalga Mirth Connect. Key plugs into USB port on the computer. Code and key activations on a license must be used by people at the same institution. This trial license will allow you to run the same version of Presentation that you would with a purchased license.

For version history please click here: Presentation is a Windows based programming tool that allows experimenters to set up and program all sort of experiments.

Neurobs Presentation – TSG Doc

For more info, click here. Develop, debug, and test your experiment using Presentation for Windows Create a secure package and assign the secure package to your experiment activation Distribute the secure package to target devices and run the experiment using Presentation Mobile mobile devices or the Package Player Windows PCs Optionally, encrypted data is uploaded to NBS servers Uploaded data can be accessed and downloaded on the NBS website.


For computer “slide show” presentations, see Presentation program. In our labs [march ], the delay from startOfPlaycall until neurobss sound onset is about 14 to 24 milliseconds when the Presenation mixer is used in exclusive mode.

A code activation uses an electronic transfer of license information between a user’s computer and nwurobs web site. We use the term “activation” to refer to the software running nwurobs one computer: Scroll to the bottom of the page to see who should purchase this type of activation.

Anything that can be done in PCL can also be done in Python.


Create Account It’s free and only takes a few moments. The maximum audio delay in Presentation on neurrobs lab computer at the faculty of social sciences is 24 ms.

However, since this help file contains all the details of Presentation, it can be somewhat daunting if you have not used the software before.

To run presentation in the labs you need a software dongle. Please contact us if you need more time to evaluate Presentation.


If better performance is necessary or more understanding is needed about the components of this delay, please read our page about audio delay. Please note that the moment when the sound can actually be heard from the speakers is later then the neuobs when the mySound. Because this can be quite complex, we start with short assignments, which address one basic and simple problem at a time.


The basic steps for an experiment activation are outlined below. None, activation available immediately via the web site Moveable: You can now execute your Presentation experiments nurobs mobile platforms. Find the presentation pre-reader here: The editor supports code completion. The series utilizes Presentation so you will learn to use Presentation at the same time that you learn how to program. This is what this course is all about. In this way, the PhD student can efficiently program experiments fitting an technical optimal environment.

Accessing the documentation on your own system has the following advantages:. neuribs

If you want to use the Package Player, you can use either hosted or unhosted activations. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After you have installed Presentation, you must “activate” the software before you can use it.


See the Experiment Manager documentation for more info.