OmniGraffle and OmniGraffle Pro are now one and the same application, and download. Apart from that OmniGraffle does a great job when it comes to any kind of concept specification. I use it a lot to form quick GUI layouts for my clients. Maybe it’s time for Omni to take a page from the Microsoft book. The 4 fonts are: Some OmniGraffle 4 Pro documents imported a little oddly, though.

omnigraffle pro 5.2.3

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It crashes so early into the launch that Apple’s crash report dialogue is not activated.

You need to manually check everthing before sending it out. They’ve shown great love for their Mac App Store customers: Once again, OmniGroup is obviously entitled to pursue a policy that best suits their business. Not bad for upgrading 4 programs, getting added features, and getting a “new” program called Expression Media.

OmniGraffle Pro 5.2.3 [UB/KG] | MacOS | 58.92 MB

As someone already mentioned – now we only need a competitive product to fully look away from you. One issue blocks me.

omnigraffle pro 5.2.3

This is generally a nice app. I just think a lot of us current users feel this policy is not in our best interest.

I have been a long time user of Omni groups Omni Graffle pro version 2. I hope that you’ll take a second look at all the new features in OmniGraffle 5-it’s a very substantial upgrade. I really like the ability to operate on the shapes in the Pro edition. I’ve been a happy customer, and don’t mind buying OMNI’s software and paying for the occasional upgrade, but this is too much.


I tried a copy of a previous version a while ago and have not been able to try any new versions of it ever since because I now receive “Your trial has expired” message so although the previous versions did not meet my requirements, I now no longer have the ability to see whether any future versions of Omnigraffle have the ability to swing me.

OmniGraffle Pro [UB/KG] | MacOS | MB

Don’t get me wrong. Stencils are just small vector documents like any other OmniGraffle document– except they have only one canvas. Sorry Omnipeople, but this is not the omnigraffld to treat loyal customers – not if you want to keep them that is.

But re-listing it here on MacUpdate seems unnecessary to me…. It seems any “new” feature or one perhaps intentionally not added previously justifies a paid upgrade.

omnigraffle pro 5.2.3

Use an older version. For a professional application, it is highly distressing to have to resize all of your open windows when you quite the app and start it again. Sorry – I won’t pay for an upgrade this much.


They are a lot more a like nowadays Great program, couldn’t live without it for my scientific publications. This is still working in 4. Affinity Designer is a joy omnograffle use for other types of graphic tasks. And up to now I’ve even qualified for an education discount.

omnigraffle pro 5.2.3

This bug was fixed shortly afterwards. I have the same problem here and support told me, that is caused by a two monitors setup. I use it a lot to form quick GUI layouts for my clients. OmniGraffle and OmniGraffle Pro are now one and the same application, and download. Ethan, I can appreciate your comments. pto

OmniGraffle Pro Reviews

At only two apps that are currently being developed the company is far behind the selection of what OmniGroup provides. I feel this pricing is a big mistake on their part with the majority of the OS X user base that would purchase this product probably owned a license copy of a recent visio product due to the lack of support from any native OS X application.

This is a great program.