I am really satisfied with the result and i hope you guys will enjoy it as much as i did making it! November 1st, 4. Feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter: Tactix – Requiem for a Dream First part 3. If you haven’t seen it already, enjoy! I realised I haven’t really uploaded any actual game play so here is a game.

phantasy cod4 cfg

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Toaster rig arisen to Ultra toaster with chisel abs. Delta W Optical Drive: CoD4 Remastered – 22 Killstreak Gameplay phantasy. So this video has been abit delayed since i phhantasy to get a demo for backlot to do some commentary but after realising this wasn’t going to happen anytime soon i decided to just do it and add wallbangs, i forgot to shoot when doing nades so there abi.

PS4 Dualshock 4 controller Power Supply: This video shows what a standard layout for a defense sided team on crash should look like, of course there are so many variations and things you can do with rushes and so on, but I can’t cover all of these things, most of the video is just talking a.

CoD4 Remastered – Will it be good? I realised I haven’t really uploaded any actual game play so here is a game. BComplex – Beautiful Lies Last.


phantasy 2k11 lan & online cfg download – CFGFactory

General overview of CoD4 RM, Lots of fixes in terms of bugs and glitches, but also a lot of bad decisions. Zotac gtx amp Sapphire r7 x 1GB Display: The time now is This video isn’t so great but does cover some important things you want to be implementing into your game! Commentary over a demo from i43 LAN that I scoped at for a mix team, we placed 4th, better than expected: Uhmm well this was my latest fragmovie, I uploaded it because it was on HazardCinema and their channel went down so i uploaded it here, but now there channel seems to have come back up again!

Was really bored today since it was raining all day and decided to make an extremely basic ProMod tutorial on crash covering a couple of topics, strafing, really standard nades and smokes and commentating more boring talking on some game play.

That means i couldn’t record any cinamtics or some stuff i need for the m.

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CoD4 Remastered – General Overview phantasy. I had alot of trouble while making this entry because i didn’t have internet for 3 weeks.

phantasy cod4 cfg

Newman Gaming Power Supply: Intel Core i52. Submit your videos here: Feedback would cof4 great. CoD4 Remastered – District Gameplay phantasy.


Probably not needed by most people but saves being asked all the time about this subject. A short video on mid round nades for backlot.

Call of Duty 4 COD4 Promod Database

If you haven’t seen it already, enjoy! Going to probably post these more often because not everybody subscribed here actually plays phatasy on PC therefore can’t download demos. Twitter – phantasyftw Facebook Mark ” phantasy” Pinney RU-clip: Prague Final Map one phantasy.

phantasy cod4 cfg

April 30th, Game play 1 of our team vs a good Italian LAN team. This is the video for crossfire, as i dont really play this map much i again didn’t have any demos to go over, i dont like this phantasu at all, its basically SMG hell, i tried to cover most of the basic things but probably forgot a few but the video was.

October 13th, ,