This could, for example, allow constraint exclusion to exclude a child table that should not be excluded from a query. This could result in attempting to write to the event log when that isn’t accessible, so that no logging happens at all. We are not currently using that, but may enable it in future. Below you will find a detailed account of the changes between PostgreSQL 9. It will represent a valid uniqueness constraint across the whole partitioned table, even though each physical index only enforces uniqueness within its own partition. The main practical effect of this change is that it avoids a scenario where initdb might mistakenly conclude that POSIX shared memory is not available, due to name collisions caused by always using the same random seed.

postgresql 9.2.6

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Postgres Changelog – All Versions

Frame exclusion syntax was also added. Formerly this was always done with uniform probability, but now different selection probabilities poztgresql be specified for different scripts.

postgresql 9.2.6

Such indexes were never considered supported, and would very possibly misbehave since the system might change the system-column fields of a tuple without updating indexes. Version 0 has been poxtgresql since Also, the changes described in the second changelog entry below may cause functions used in index expressions or materialized views to fail during auto-analyze, or when reloading from a dump.

Previously our behavior varied across platforms. Extension upgrade scripts podtgresql be able to drop member objects, but this was disallowed for serial-column sequences, and possibly other posttgresql. Users needing to dump from pre This provides more security that the output is safely stored on disk before the program exits.


On any specific platform, the sequence obtained with a particular value of N will probably be different from what it was before this patch.

Previously all security policies were permissive, meaning that any matching policy allowed access. A user who has SQL permission to read a column, but who is forbidden to see certain rows due to RLS policy, might still learn something about those rows’ contents via a leaky operator. The ICU library has versioning that allows detection of collation changes between versions. This allows saner semantics for cases where multiple set-returning functions are present. The memory usage dump that is output to the postmaster log during an out-of-memory failure now summarizes statistics when there are a large number of memory contexts, rather than possibly generating a very large report.

This avoids some situations where a failure during recovery cleanup such as a problem with a two-phase state file led to inconsistent timeline state on-disk.

Postgres Release Notes – All Versions

This allows, for example, rewinding a promoted standby back to some state of the old master’s timeline. It also prevents a new postmaster from being started until the last old backend has exited.

Previously, they skipped one byte for each byte of template character, resulting in strange behavior if either string contained multibyte characters. When ending recovery, delay writing the timeline history file as long as possible Heikki Linnakangas.

The first field is the connection type: This should greatly reduce the cost of maintaining large tables containing mostly-unchanging data.


postgresql 9.2.6

These had been deprecated since PostgreSQL 9. In an equality join between partitioned tables, allow matching partitions to be joined directly Ashutosh Bapat.

PostgreSQL 官方 YUM 源安裝

This prevents conflicts with built-in roles created by initdb. This creates a security hazard, since users might be relying on the environment variable to force SSL-encrypted connections, but that would no longer be guaranteed. Reduce expression evaluation overhead postgrexql query execution, as well as plan node calling overhead Andres Freund.

This could result in an unlogged index being set to an invalid state after a crash and restart. This feature is helpful in estimating query memory usage and when combining the statistics from individual columns.

Previously, the most common values MCV s were identified based on their frequency compared to all column values. Add operators for multiplication and division of money values with int8 values Peter Eisentraut. Also, an incorrect error message was reported for an unparseable hostaddr value. However, the old syntax is still accepted for compatibility.

This fixes potential core dumps on alignment-picky platforms, and powtgresql improve performance even on platforms that allow misalignment. This change partially reverts a performance improvement, introduced in version The typical consequence of this mistake was a “plan should not reference subplan’s variable” error.

Avoid possibly writing an incorrect replica identity field in a tuple deletion WAL record Stas Kelvich.