Anyway, two stars for collectors but not much recommended for anyone else. Creager not only wrote all the music and lyrics, she also produced and mixed the record and provided some of the sleeve artwork. We have receieved your request. That would come though, as some of her best work was still ahead of her when this album released. I only picked it up during a Rasputina buying frenzy a couple years ago that had me searching out mostly used copies on Amazon market and other websites. Not exactly the right place for a trio of slightly pretentious cellists dolled up in 19th century underwear and cranking out tortured acoustic folk tales of wanderlust, small-town Americanitis, and the occasional random pop cover twisted beyond recognition.

rasputina transylvanian concubine mp3

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Rasputina – Thanks for the Ether CD! TV Episodes View all. This one ain’t that good.

This time I feel like she took the easy cocnubine out. There’s the original from ‘Ether’, along with two remix editions. The performances and the production quality are both quite good, especially considering this is both live and a largely self-funded effort.

Rasputina Thanks For The Ether mp3 download | Thanks For The Ether complete mp3 album – MP3TLA

Oh Perilous World CD. A solid three out of five star effort and well recommended to both Rasputina fans and to those who are just curious. Howard Hughes Rasputina, Melora Creager. I guess the jerky pseudo-new wave “AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes” has endured in her live repertoire, so that is worth mentioning.


rasputina transylvanian concubine mp3

Creager composed most of the music once again although she includes a handful of obscure cover tunes, something she and the band would become known for on subsequent albums. Hynde would of course go on to give birth to a child by Davies, so it’s apparently a good song for artists who are about to have a baby.

rasputina transylvanian concubine mp3

Compartir en Facebook Compartir en Twitter. Unfortunately for Melora Creager and Rasputina, Instinct didn’t seem to be any better a trnasylvanian for them than Columbia. Frustration Plantation Instinct Records Maybe not; I suppose an amped-up cello has some of the same range. Two stars as a collector piece but no more.

Transylvanian Concubine

The musical themes here are consistent with the band’s earlier material, mostly tortured and pitiful tales of Americana in the form of made-up character sketches. Like “Transylvania Regurgitations”, an earlier promo EP issued by Columbia, this one consists of several remixes from the band’s most recent studio album, in this case ‘s ‘Cabin Fever! The radio edit features plenty of power chords and programmed drum tracks, while the club mix.

Not exactly the right place for concunine trio of slightly pretentious cellists dolled up in 19th century underwear and cranking out tortured acoustic folk tales of wanderlust, small-town Americanitis, and the occasional random pop cover twisted beyond recognition. We have receieved your request. This one is very good; that one is a classic. Rest assured we WON’T spam!


You can now login with your mobile number too. So if you haven’t figured it out by now this one is for collectors only.


Create New Save OR. Most of the rest of the album ranges between these two extremes, with few of these songs ending up among the band’s more memorable tunes but most of them being consistent and fairly solid among Creager’s body of work. The energy and variety from these electronic additions add to the overall sound, but also tend to overshadow the thing that makes Rasputnia most appealing, the cellos.

rasputina transylvanian concubine mp3

Elsewhere most of the industrial dirge of ‘s ‘Cabin Fever’ is gone, the band instead focusing on wyrd cello arrangements, theatrical posing and the occasional plugged-in accompaniment. Do you want to save changes? I should point out though that I liked a lot of that 80s girly retro-pop. Tow stars is the best I can manage. Enter New Email ID. Three stars for them but only two for the rest of us, and not particularly recommended. Melora Creager raspuyina a pretty decent acid folk voice, but she isn’t even in the same galaxy with the legendary goddess rasputin of Heart’s Ann Wilson, even on a good day.

In the meantime hunt this down concuvine you are a fan or a really obsessive Floyd fanatic; otherwise skip it.