In addition, it is always possible to ask for specific repetitions of failed reactions best done by phone or email. Primer added by Microsynth Seqlab. Just write an e-mail to info microsynth. Reason enough for us to celebrate with you. It reduces cost per sample by minimizing human production errors, and improves turnaround times with streamlined processing—all while ensuring confidence in concordance between the samples received and the data generated.


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Samples are sequenced overnight seqlaab results will wait for you the next morning when you arrive at the lab. Within the last years, sdqlab growing network of free sample collection points has been installed in these three countries. For questions please call us at: Optional for primer source “premixed” Step 4: This solution provides confidence in WGS results with positive sample tracking throughout the workflow and streamlined processes for maximum efficiencies. Microsynth provides the sequencing results in text format FASTA files and in chromatogram format ab1 files.

Choose an oligo from your list of Favorites in the drop-down menu. For an extra charge, we do offer different types of CoAs for a higher level of documentation. This pop up window gives you an overview about your current custom primer list.


If free sample shipment is not yet available for your location, please follow the following guidelines:. Seqlabb also the user guide on sample tube requirements on the right side.

We intend to continue to provide full support of the instruments and supply the reagents through March 31st, Yes, it is possible to send samples in one well plate and request multiple reactions with two or more primers for each sample. Primer added by customer. The spelling of the primer name is wrong.

You ssqlab see all your specified oligos with a price tag as well as the overall price exclusive VAT and shipping fees. Just write an e-mail to info microsynth.

Ordering Information

This will end the current punchout session: In addition, eeqlab is always possible to ask for specific repetitions of failed reactions best done by phone or email. Please check if you entered the correct primer source. Illumina SeqLab Consulting Service Illumina provides consulting services direct to your HiSeq X Series laboratory to jump-start successful sequencing workflow implementation. Seqlb primer name will be automatically deleted from this list after 6 months or if the primer has been used up.


Samples from continental Europe can be sent in liquid form. Is it possible to do two or more sequencing reactions of each sample in the plate? The inner packaging comprises of a leakproof primary receptacle and an absorbent material placed between the primary receptacle and the secondary packaging e.


Frequently Asked Questions – Sanger Sequencing

Then we recommend that you press Save Shopping Cart before you leave our webshop. We do not recommend quantification approaches based on UV spectrophotometric analysis techniques. Tubes or Single Container. Then just enter all the requested information but omit the final step of pressing the Submit Order button.

The sequencing facility | University of Bergen

The technical datasheet does not meet your requirements? Select your sequencing primer from a list of 94 standard primers which are stored at Microsynth Seqlab primarily for plasmids. Samples can be sent in liquid form at room temperature.


Please mark this checkbox only if you know that your sample contains GC-rich sequences or hairpins. Overview about Your Custom Primer List. For following services, Microsynth Seqlab provides user guides containing a lot of helpful information: