As for the body of the book, it is filled with a comprehensive insiders look at the Swedish scene during the formative years. You are commenting using your Facebook account. If so, would you mind telling us what it will be about? The main problem I have with it is that it is written like a fan would write it. Curl up with your crusty HM-2 and prepare to experience the late 80s – early 90s as only a Swedish teen could express it. We just want to create music that we like, without any rules. Part oral history, part museum exhibit thanks to the extensive ephemera in the form of fanzines, posters, and candid photos , and part encyclopedia; but not just that:

swedish death metal daniel ekeroth

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Jun 13, Dave Hofer rated it really liked it. Ekeroth is a self-assured if not quite superbly capable writer and unafraid to give his often quite pithy and entertaining thoughts on every band in the scene.

Swedish Death Metal : Daniel Ekeroth :

Paperbackpages. A common one that books of this sort follow is to break it down by bands one band, one chapter or by periods origins, development, ramifications. Selected pages Title Page. So is there anything about it Ekeroth would fix or change? Total outcasts working undisturbed for no reward besides their peer’s approval, drinking a lot in the process. Daniel Ekeroth captures the epic tale with enlightening detail, beginning with Sweden’s violent loss of innocence in the s, through the metal’s virtual chokehold on the country during the s into the lasting legacy and influence in the turbulent s of the Sunlight guitar tone, the “Gothenburg Sound,” and the countless offshoots of Sweden’s most lethal cultural export.


The fliers made me beyond jealous since I was only 3- years- old when Swedish Death metal was becoming popular. Check out the newest episode of the Bandcamp Weekly. Hypocritically Ekeroth says that melodeath is “pussy metal” but likes the Haunted.

swedish death metal daniel ekeroth

I also love how the book began with punk and ended with other sub-genres that death metal created. The greatest love story I’ve ever read. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Mar 29, Benjamin Kahn rated it liked it Shelves: But since I have no internet at home right now, this is the only way I can do it! But Ekeroth A good overview of Sweden’s death metal scene.

swedish death metal daniel ekeroth

For a hardcore metal head such as myself this book was a rare savage find. Turabus reformed to do a show along Opeth, Cressida, and Ice Cross a few years back, and we started talking about forming a new band. It really portrays Swedish Death metal in all it’s glory.

If so, would you mind telling us what it will be about? May 23, Josh rated it liked it. You eeroth to stop at some point!

Aspiring authors of such future volumes are advised to approach their subjects with the same care and passion. Included with the text are pictures which help the reader get a more visual understanding and make the book more appealing.

While he could certainly use an editor to go over his prose, Swedish Death Metal is masterfully able to bring life and warmth to the titular genre and its participants. Bands helping each other creating music no one had heard before.


SWEDISH DEATH METAL, by Daniel Ekeroth (Hardcover and Softcover)

Buku ini sebenarnya banyak berisi informasi berharga terkait perkembangan musik di Swedia. Grave is covered multiple times and it’s hard to follow metla development when it’s scattered all over the place. Death Metal is to Sweden what hardcore punk was to American music Try to find some more people to askā€¦ and make something out of it all.

Since the late deaath, however, Sweden has produced over a thousand extreme heavy metal bands, creating one of the most respected regional music scenes in the world.

I learned a lot about my second favourite death metal style and scene. Eleroth covered well and the passion comes thru. Usurpress, whose fourth album, Interregnummarks a major stylistic shift. I still shudder knowing that there are seven horrible albums after Clandestine. Quindi, dal fiorente sottobosco Punk-HC ai grandiosi Bathory, si arriva poi ai grandiosi Nihilist, da cui poi nasceranno Entombed, Unleashed e D Un libro interessante che rende giustizia alla nascita della scena Death Metal svedese, dove vengono raccontati i musicisti, i concerti ed anche le serate alcoliche connesse.