Show my wish list. Adds Character to any Composition For any music producer looking to add the classy and expressive sound of smoothly played sax, Saxophone 2 will deliver every time. Thanks to its clear structure the Elastik player is the ideal tool for fast and modern music production. Who would use it? Alle versprochenen Features klappen wunderbar und das auch noch in Echtzeit.

ueberschall liquid saxophone

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Das Produkt wird auch in Zukunft gepflegt werden. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. See our Privacy Policy for more information. Conclusion For all who wish for a virtuosic sax player Liquid Saxophone is a must-have.

| Saxophone – From The Cotton Club to Ipanema

Some controls rather saxohone and easily obscured. The keyword-based browser allows you to search through all installed Elastik libraries and freely combine them with each other. Review at a Glance What is it?

Sampled saxophone phrases that fit any musical occasion are rare; a snippet might swing with perfect tone and have every note in the right place yet be rendered useless by an unwanted flatted third or fifth sitting smack-dab in the center of the line.

A quick trawl through your sample library turns up an uebreschall collection of loops, none of which fits the track. Instantly Atmospheric The library contains 1.


What ssxophone it do? It’s difficult to capture a sax’s magnitude and depth of expression at first glance, so instead of trying to record all possible static instrument nuances which isn’t realistic given the player is the key to the tone of this instrument we decided to develop an engine offering options for restructuring what matters most, the human performance. The licks sound clean, dry but still warm and lively.

Conclusion Sampled phrase collections obviously have a place in modern music making; specialised collections of phrases and loops can make up for shortcomings in our musical abilities, or musical circle. Conclusion the possibility to move single notes and let them snap into a predfeined scale is just glorious.

ueberschall liquid saxophone

It keeps the same content but works with the Elastik player. Man kommt schnell ans Ziel. All promised features work wonderful and uebdrschall real-time.

ueberschall liquid saxophone

Deals Until 6 October, all Ueberschall libraries are available at half price. The program runs stable and I could not find any bugs.

Saxophone 2

I would even have found it creditable if it offered only major and minor scales. While also allowing users to maintain command of creative control. All the material is presented dry without EQ or compression to capture the full expressive nature, dynamics and intimate sound of the instrument and to allow you to add exactly the right processing required for your musical context.

You will quickly reach your goal. He is also working as an Arranger and Composer for different Genres and just released his debut Album in This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Boogaloo, soulful 60 s riffs, funky 70 s licks, smoky bossa novas, latin brazil, dirty rock phrases, 80 s pop, 90 s acid jazz, nu jazz and many more Ein Sax Sound vielleicht?


Also worth mentioning is the symbiosis between the two specialists Ueberschall and Celemony. Attention Please note that the backing tracks being used in the demo song are not part of the library. Continue browsing to accept. Elastik Features The given structure and features like labeled key signature and tempo information provide a very easy way of arranging a whole track including all the parts you need.

Der Preis ist angemessen, wenn man bedenkt, dass die mitgelieferten Loops nicht statisch sind, sondern sauber in Einzelnoten getrennt zur Weiterverarbeitung vorliegen. Liquid Saxophone Auch wenn sie normalerweise nicht mit Libraries dieser Art arbeiten, diese ist ihr Geld wert.

If in doubt please consult the software manufacturers website for details or write an email to support bestservice. There are almost no limitations to your musicality.