You would need to get a qualified person to install it on the MyNetFone service These activities can increase your level in a forum:. When you pick up your phone handset, you should hear a dial tone. The phone does not work when I am connected to my VPN. MyNetFone Desktop is a feature-rich, next generation softphone application that delivers Voice and Video communications on your computer.

voiceline softphone

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If you hear “0.

ā€ˇVoiceLine on the App Store

Virtual PBX phone system. The device failed to do one of the following: Community content may not be verified or up to date. Reboot the MTA by unplugging the power supply and then plugging it in again after aoftphone two minutes.

voiceline softphone

This question is locked and replying softphons been disabled. Modifying Your Firewall Settings If you have a firewall and are unable to use VoiceLine, you may need to modify your firewall settings by opening ports and by allowing VoiceLine servers to connect with your computer. Vote up a post.

You’re not signed in to your Google Account. The VoIP module is internally initialized and the unit is ready to make calls. The greater the participation, the higher the level. Rather than heading for that train wreck, Have someone fix your softphone client to work behind the VPN.


Features Benefits Integration with Microsoft Outlook Click-to-dial capabilities Video calls to other on-net devices and video conference bridges Enhanced version only Mac and Windows versions Easy to install – no technical knowledge required Lower upfront costs than many adaptors or VoIP-enabled phones No additional power consumption No additional desktop clutter Portability – your phone application travels with you on your laptop On-going features updates and upgrades through the included support program Find out more in our FAQ sectionor Contact our team on How MyNetFone Desktop softphone compares to others MyNetFone Softpbone provides softpjone maximum level of support, features and fully automated provisioning so that you can set it up even with no technical knowledge.

Forward a business line to a Google Voice line

Until this problem is fixed, please use AOL 7. Consult the Getting Started Guide for details.

Any device with a different MAC address will not be able to obtain an connection. The device is connected to a softhpone network. For the best help experience, sign in to your Google Account.

There are no new VoiceMail messages, and the phone is not in use. When prompted, type admin as the Username and n2p as softphonr Password. Click Savewait two minutes, unplug the MTA’s power cord, and then plug it in.


voiceline softphone

The device has been configured successfully and is running normally. Click Enable Mac Cloning. Softphoone a business line to a Google Voice line. These activities can increase your level in a forum:. MyNetFone Desktop and our infrastructure supports instant messaging, presence and Video.

VoiceLine for Android – APK Download

The speed and quality of your broadband Internet connection determines the voice quality of your VoiceLine phone calls. Built under license by the industry leading skftphone developer Counterpath, the application uses MyNetFone’s advanced VoIP Network and open standard SIP communication protocols to foiceline a high-quality experience for your phone and video calls.

These activities can increase your level in a forum: Having your answer selected as the best answer. On the Windows taskbar at the bottom of your screen, click Start and then click Voicelkne. The phone does not work when I am connected to my VPN. All you need to do is complete a very basic setu-up using our step-by-step guide. Our company made us switch our phone service to Bria 4 softphone which is VoIP. Open your web browser we recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer.