Selection is limited to the last played station for now, to not delay the release much longer this will be extended at a later date. Improved UPnP device detection. Can now also remove a single access point from the list. Twitter app works again – Changed: Faster Network connection was timing out too quickly in some cases. Sleeptime had a problem with the date change, should be fixed now. When entering Samba, a list of favorites and a scan option is shown.

wiwa hd 90 oprogramowanie

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Some streams might only be available within the Aisan region. Now oporgramowanie mail symbol gets displayed on the taskbar when a new firmware is available.

wiwa hd 90 oprogramowanie

Small change to the power up network detect routines in case a connection fails to start. Additional FM frequency checks to make sure the frequency is within the selected band Added: After a oprogramownaie upgrade the alarm hardware could be out of sync with the firmware settings eg.

Perform the wjwa as usual and afterwards you can find a log file on the SD card. Sleep timer now has a selection to power down or to go to the clock screen. Language data was static, now it is loaded from the server.

Test 27 tunerów DVB-T typu USB

Once done, reboot your device. When an alarm sound is selected, the oprobramowanie can be modified during the playback of the alarm sound selection and is stored together with the selected sound as wake up volume.


This means that when data is being loaded but takes too long to reach the device it will abort and fall back to internal cache.

So it is a replacement option for people that have no original remote. Wifi re connection bug failed to reinitialize. Due to a mistake, multi language support on the SD card was not added to 1.

wiwa hd 90 oprogramowanie

This pincode has to match the pincode that you can enter on this website under [User Settings]. TuneIn app sometimes got incorrect URL’s.

Now the font size is dynamic. This allows editing the settings from the PC. For Internet radio and FM radio an alternative sound is played in order to control and properly set the volume. Sleeptime had a problem with the date change, should be fixed now.


If you do not see an alarm icon on the taskbar there will not be an alarm sound and alarms are not triggered. Selection is limited to the last played station for now, to not delay the release much longer hhd will be extended at a later date. NBC streams to the More Apps button previously known as sub menu.

Radar images for Europe and Netherlands are available. When looking at the media player screen, the time in the taskbar was not updated. Buienradar was causing system hangs due to badly oprogrqmowanie images obtained from Buienradar. Alarm can now also start the FM Radio.


Reorganized the RSS News app. There was a bug when you were listening to music and using the 9 timer and have the clock visible it would not return to the clock screen after stopping the music if that was desired with the settings Powerdown did work correctly though. Clock now displays month and day in the correct language – Fixed: When playing from a local or network dream and not using the repeat function, at the end of the playlist the player loops oprogrzmowanie it should just terminate.

Test 27 tunerów DVB-T typu USB

Changed 18p font to include Cyrillic characters Fixed: Icecast Yellow Pages radio station feeds Added: This means the network has not been setup yet. After the night brightness fix not surviving a reboot the brightness and night brightness got tangled. Found servers are remembered until power-down.